Work Packages

WP1: Stakeholders needs regarding Open Data

The WP aims to:

  • identify the knowledge and skills that university students and employees of private and public organizations to acquire in order to publish and re-use Open Data and
  • provide an overview of the living labs research concept in order to produce guidelines for the pilots.

WP2: Data-driven Problem Based Learning in Open Data

The WP aims to identify novel and innovative practices and methods that will underpin the training and teaching of the required skills, knowledge and attitudes derived from WP1. These practices will be based on:

  • data-driven, problem-based learning approaches,
  • Open Data learning processes based on the units of learning identified in WP1 and learning analytics technologies that will enhance training and teaching.

WP3: Course models and platform development

The aim of this WP is to develop an Open Data course model for university level education and an Open Data VET course model for private and public sector employees.

To this end, the WP will exploit the project results of WP1 and WP2 in order to produce multimodal and multilingual educational and training content based on the developed curriculum structure that will fit into the designed learning methods and processes.

WP4: ODEdu Knowledge Alliances trials

The aim of this WP is to organize trial pilots and national or translational training events with the participation of all project partners for maximum knowledge exchange and co-creation, in order to:

  • apply the innovative teaching practices and methods in the university-level education and in private and public organizations,
  • increase entrepreneurship skills and innovative engagement of students and private and public employees,
  • perform events and promote real-life practice with Open Data to demonstrate their benefits and added values.

WP5: Evaluation

The aim of this WP is to evaluate the effectiveness of the innovative curriculum on Open data along with novel, problem-based learning methods and learning analytics towards stakeholders’ in depth acquisition of knowledge on re-using and publishing Open Data and of skills that enhance their employability such as critical thinking, entrepreneurship, communication of ideas etc.

WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation

The aim of this WP is twofold. First, to create awareness on the project and disseminate its progress and results to the appropriate stakeholders including policy makers, market players and researchers/academics from the targeted sectors.

Second, to prepare the ground for the result’s exploitation after the project end, i.e. open and free distribution of project results to the market including the ICT industry, the public sector and the academic community.

WP7: Quality Assurance

The aim of this WP is to provide quality monitoring mechanisms that will guarantee the results’ superiority as well as the timely progress of the project.

WP8: Project Management

The aim of this WP is to ensure that the consortium will collaborate effectively and reach the objectives of the project, or even go beyond expectations, in the given timeframe. Τhe WP is also concerned with actual coordination of the project, interfacing with the European Commission, managing budget flows and so on.