This is the official website for the ODEdu project, which is funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency under the Erasmus+ Programme.


Open Data initiatives worldwide are boosting with an aim to increase transparency and contribute to economic growth. With a global annual economic potential value estimated to $3 trillion, this boost seems justified. Current progress however is not satisfactory. We believe a main reason is the lack of relevant skills and competencies. Indeed, current education and training activities are scarce and do not exploit practice-oriented learning methods such as Problem Based Learning (PBL).

As a result, public servants are missing skills related to publishing open data. Similarly, companies and entrepreneurs are missing skills related to re-using open data while students are not provided with sufficient and properly-structured academic courses.

Project objectives

The project aims to establish a Knowledge Alliance between academia, business and the public sector that will boost Open Data education and training.  The Alliance will follow a four-dimensional approach, tackling pedagogical, technological, content and application objectives. The consolidation of all efforts will provide a transnational set of results, as follows:

  • a novel learning model based on PBL and learning analytics, termed Data Driven PBL
  • an open-source platform to support flexible learning pathways and course re-design
  • co-created, freely available for any use, multimodal content on Open Data
  • innovative activities in academia, businesses and the public sector.

The production of the aforementioned robust results and their lasting application in all three sectors will aim to support the sustainability of a European Open Data learning ecosystem.