Project deliverables

D1.1 Stakeholders needs regarding Open Data
D1.2 Living labs analysis
D1.3 Open Data technological study
D2.1 Data-driven PBL model
D2.2 Open Data learning processes and analytics
D3.1 Open Data university course
D3.2 Open Data VET course for private and public employees
D3.3 Educational and training platform
D3.4 Educational and training platform  Version 2.0
D4.1 University pilots report
D4.2 VET pilots report
D5.1 University pilots evaluation report
D5.2 VET pilots evaluation report
D6.1 Dissemination plan and material
D6.2 Interim Dissemination activities Report
D6.3 Final Dissemination activities Report
D6.4 Interim Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (Restricted Access)
D6.5 Final Exploitation and Sustainability Plan (Restricted Access)
D7.1 Quality Assurance plan
D7.2 Interim Quality Assurance Report
D7.3 Final Quality Assurance Report
D8.1 Project Management plan (Restricted Access)
D8.2 Interim Project Management Report  (Restricted Access)
D8.3 Final Project Management Report (Restricted Access)