OD-PBL Design Pathway

The OD-PBL design pathway aims to guide educators when designing learning processes that aim to teach OD by utilizing the PBL learning strategy.

The OD-PBL design pathway should be seen as a set of tools that aim to inform teachers on how to make decisions as they proceed in their design of learning activities. The model does not give a step-by-step guide but it is meant to become a pathway that will present the teacher-as-designer with different decisions that should be made to continue in their process to design an OD course. The OD-PBL pathway aims to guide PBL novices in the design of learning activities using PBL as a pedagogical approach, and it seeks to foster the components of innovation and creativity in the design of learning activities.

The pathway consists of 6 main steps, i.e. Analysis, Gathering of inputs, Design, Development, Implementation and Reflection. Each step provides guidelines on how to plan an OD course and learning processes, and combines all previous project results.

More information on the OD-PBL design pathway is available in D2.2.