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Aalborg University (AAU) conducts teaching and research to the highest level in the fields of humanities, engineering, natural sciences, health, and social sciences. AAU has more than 13,000 matriculated students, and the annual budget is in excess of DKK 1.4 billion. A trademark of AAU is research based education and the unique pedagogical model of teaching based on problem-based learning (The Aalborg PBL model). Through a problem and project-based approach the students engage in action learning projects and research in collaboration with supervisors and professors.

Through many years of research and project work within the area of networked learning, ’e-Learning Lab – Center for User-driven Innovation, Learning and Design’ (eLL) holds expertise in the field of designing, implementing and evaluating use of online and blended learning environments with a particular focus on novel implementations of PBL. Through participation in European Commission financed projects eLL has built considerable expertise in this field. eLL has built a strong research based environment around use, evaluation, analysis and design of social media and innovative learning practices in relation to new and emerging media.